The HDI Tuning Dealer File Portal has been set up to help our dealers gain access to software out of hours; this is great if you're operating in a different time zone. You can also use this service for original software backups or to benefit from a discount when using our direct service instead of the custom online remap service. The file portal offers discounted prices as the software is a direct download and is not adapted to your original software variant. As such this service should only be used by those in the motor trade or by chip tuning professionals with an understanding of how to program an electronic control unit.

By using this service you won't be compromising on quality, quite the opposite in fact: Here, only tried and tested custom written tuning software is available for sale. All software was written by our lead Engineer Steve who has been tuning the HDI Engines since around 2009 or longer. There's more to a good quality remap than just upping the fuelling, and with experience comes a vast knowledge of the HDI engines and how to tune them effectively.

Remember, this section is set up for tuning professionals and not for beginners, although you might see a lower price you'll be missing out on key support that you will need if you aren't experienced in ECU programming, plus you won't be able to customise your software. If you're unsure how this works, or you are a complete beginner, please go back to the main HDI tuning page. Here we can offer custom written software made directly from the original software you have obtained from your ECU, we also offer help and support when using the custom remap service.

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